DC has always been an amazing place to visit. From our historic monuments and museums, to the Cherry Blossoms that let us DC folks know that the Spring season has arrived. We have a culture like no other with our own music, Go-Go, and the hippest slang spoken with the slightest southern drawl that no matter where you are on this planet, you can hear it and know that the person speaking is from DC. If someone calls you a bamma it could either be a term of endearment, or a notice that you may want to change your outfit. One important thing to know is “that joint” means a lot of different things in this city, so don’t take it literally.

If you’re planning on visiting, invest in a great place to stay and live as a local. DC neighborhoods have some of the best places to dine and engage in community events. An Airbnb is the best option to truly feel all that DC living has to offer. Here are some of my favorite Airbnb’s that are close to everything you’ll want and need on your visit. They all have parking but are also just steps away from our metro transit systems, and if you love to bike, they’re a hop, skip and jump down the block to Capital Bikeshare rentals. Take a spin around the city, you’ll even have your own lane.